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How to acquire a plot of Land

  • 1. Site Viewing to show customer interest.
  • 2. Purchase a land agreement form of GH¢50.00 and provide two(2) passport pictures in addition with any valid National ID card and one witness to endorse the land purchase agreement form as evidence for future reference
  • 3. After, pay an initial deposit of GH¢2,000.00 or above, and the remaining amount/ balance is spread within a period of six month or one year.
  • 4. With Outright payment of land, prices are negotiable
  • 5. Plot shall be allocated to customers after paying half (1/2) of the agreed purchase price, provided the said site is ready for development.
  • 6. Land Documents shall be prepared by the Vendor for the Customer after FULL payment of the plot which the said documents shall include; SITE PLAN and INDENTURE.
  • 7.Signing of the Indenture at court shall be the sole responsibility of the Customer, however for safety and security purposes, the Company can undertake such responsibility upon the Customer’s own request.
  • Refund Conditions for Payment made

  • 1. Customers shall give six (6) months notice to Management in writing. Whereas Payment shall be effected within a period of six (6) months after the letter of notification.
  • 2. Final Payment shall be effected only after Customer has returned all Company documents in his / her possession including receipts on every payment made and the Land Purchases Form.
  • 3. Where plot(s) is already allocated, 25% shall be charged on the refunded amount.
  • 4. Where plot(s) is not allocated, 20% shall be charged on the refunded amount.
  • 5. Should a Customer default monthly payment for six (6) months after payment of initial deposit, the Company has the right to refund the Customer’s money to him/her with clause 3 and 4 being applied.
  • 6. Should the Company default in allocating the plot(s) to a customer from the customer’s site of choice and he/she refuses relocation to a different site, he / she would be asked to give the company six (6) months notice for the money to be refunded.
  • 7. Should a customer show no interest in the plot allocated to him/ her, either the customer finds a buyer or we (the Company) finds customer to buy the plot before a refund would be effected.
  • 8. The Company is not liable of paying an interest to any client should the contract be terminated for any reason where client is requesting for a refund.
  • 9. Again the Company is not liable to refund monies paid for Digging fees, Corner pillars, Site Visitation fees and Agreement forms should the contract be abrogated for any reason.